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Life science commercial & general management

For life science organisations, the road to market is complex. It can take many years from discovery to approval, with countless hurdles on the journey. All the while, disruptive innovation, legislation and changing consumer demand threaten to render technologies obsolete overnight.

But behind every new drug, treatment or medical device lie dedicated professionals who keep the wheels turning and drive the business forward, from commercial and general management to experts and leaders in finance, legal, human resources, marketing and sales.

To grow market share, meet consumer expectations and comply with legislation, life science organisations must optimise the operations, streamline time-to-market and protect margin. This requires professionals with the right mix of skills and experience to drive results.

Fraser Dove International can help. Our Commercial and General Management function - staffed by expert consultants with in-depth industry knowledge - brings together top performers with life science industry leaders and emerging startups in the following specialisms.


Commercial & general management executive search

  • Access, Marketing & Sales

    Engaging individuals who are skilled in the promotion and selling of drugs, medicines and devices to consumers and business

  • Finance

    Securing industry-specialists who effectively optimise the financial position of the business and help the organisation achieve its goals.

  • General Management

    Reaching leaders familiar with all areas of the organisation who can coordinate processes and operations across functions.

  • Information Technology

    Delivering high-calibre talent who can harness the power of emerging technologies to unleash the potential of your digital business.

  • Human Resources

    Sourcing top performers who can oversee human resources strategy to ensure operational excellence across HR.

  • Other

    Specialism not listed? These are only some of our commercial and general management specialisms. Get in touch for more information.


Take your life science career to new heights

We pride ourselves in matching life science professionals with the best opportunities in the industry. Our experienced life science consultants explore our candidate's skills, needs and aspirations to match them with the very best roles from leading life science organisations and emerging startups.

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Gain a competitive edge through talent

We know the value our client's place on hiring motivated, skilled talent capable of driving their business forward. Our expert life science consultants work in partnership with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their business, values and needs so we can deliver the best talent to strict timeframes.

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