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Life science engineering & technical services

Whether designing a new facility, re-equipping an existing production line or simply upgrading or replacing outdated or defunct machinery, manufacturing engineering is essential for the cost-effective and efficient operation of a facility that confirms with strict quality regulations.

Every system, machine or process can be optimised to increase productivity and reduce downtime. New equipment can be installed, existing processes optimised, employees reskilled and scheduled maintenance undertaken to ensure the facility stays online and up-to-date.

Indeed, estimates suggest up to $50 billion could be realised in efficiency gains annually. In an era of small batches, lower margins and greater purchaser power, life science organisations must ensure their manufacturing facilities operate in the most efficient way possible.

Fraser Dove International can help. Our Engineering and Technical Operations function - staffed by expert consultants with in-depth knowledge - bring together engineering specialists and leaders with established life science organisations and emerging startups in the following areas.


Engineering & technical services executive search

  • Automation Engineering

    Delivering high-calibre talent who can design, program, test and commission automated machinery and processes.

  • Capital Projects

    Securing industry-specialists who can manage capital projects from business case through to realisation in the shortest time-to-market.

  • EHS

    Reaching experts who can ensure safety, reduce risk and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Sourcing top performers who can replace, overhaul or repair equipment to avoid downtime and optimise production.

  • Process Engineering

    Engaging individuals who can design, implement, control and optimise industrial processes in the field of manufacturing.

  • Other

    Specialism not listed? These are only some of our engineering and technical service specialisms. Get in touch for more information.


Take your life science career to new heights

We pride ourselves in matching life science professionals with the best opportunities in the industry. Our experienced life science consultants explore our candidate's skills, needs and aspirations to match them with the very best roles from leading life science organisations and emerging startups.

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Gain a competitive edge through talent

We know the value our client's place on hiring motivated, skilled talent capable of driving their business forward. Our expert life science consultants work in partnership with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their business, values and needs so we can deliver the best talent to strict timeframes.

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