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Enhancing life sciences through talent

In 2030, we will hit the peak of the talent crunch.

The world will be in a talent shortage due to the ageing population. Talent will retire. The baton will be passed over, but who to?

BCG reports that there will be a 20% labour supply deficit in Germany alone. All industries, functions, levels, locations and companies will be affected.

The importance of hiring and retaining talent will be vital. Talent becomes your key customer, and you need to be ready.

We’ve listened to the needs of our partners over the past 12 months and understand that, on occasion, Search is the required solution. However, ultimately it is the other four core pillars of the ecosystem that are causing our clients headaches, and that’s why we have developed our solutions across the entire ecosystem.

The Talent Ecosystem

Are you struggling to get candidates into the pipeline? 

We can help you with our candidate attraction tools. 

By utilising your culture and current employees, we can help tell your story in a way that will make everyone want to join and no one wants to leave. 


Worried your new hire won’t complement the existing team? 

We have a comprehensive assessment tool that utilises self-evaluation to match the existing team’s skill sets, personalities, values and competencies. Beyond this, we also provide market intelligence and diversity & inclusion recommendations. 

Your new hires must feel like they have all the relevant information and support to complete their role successfully. 

We help you perfect the onboarding process and ensure your talent can make a more significant impact faster through our onboarding support, talent development analysis and candidate experience audits. 

To hire the best talent, you need to retain the best. 

Your people become your advocates for new hires, so working on retention within the business is key. 

Our selected partners offer support for mental health, continual talent development, outplacement and more. 


of CEOs see key skills as a threat to business


of companies see recruitment and retention as a barrier to growth


of an executive’s salary is the cost of a bad hire


white c-suite representation in the US biologics industry

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