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Too many leaders are hired on a CV but ultimately fail based on behaviours.

When you bear in mind that relying on “gut feel” alone at an interview has no better than a 52% hit rate, being able to accurately select the best candidate in the shortlist is of vital importance. 

Our candidate assessment tools help understand the person behind the resume and uncover how each candidate would complement the existing team. We want to know what is going on underneath the water! 

Our Assessment solutions to ensure you choose the right candidate the first time:

  • Talent Mapping and Talent Intelligence 
  • Initial self-qualification interviews 
  • Case study assessments,  
  • Observed role plays  
  • Robust hiring processes 
  • Teamscope, our unique talent mapping platform 


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Lower turnover rate when using pre-hire assessment tools

“When Jason from Fraser Dove called me, I was happily employed as the Global VP of Quality & Regulatory Affairs in a large healthcare company and had never envisioned myself leaving. As I reflect on my transition to the new opportunity, it really was Jason’s candor and transparency that facilitated the move. It wasn’t just about whether or not this particular opportunity was the right fit for me, but rather finding what it was that makes me tick. After a few discussions, it turned out the opportunity was a great fit. I’m happy with my transition on both a personal and professional level. I am deeply appreciative of Jason’s telephone guidance. I highly recommend Jason as well as Fraser Dove and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

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