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Getting your new employees effective as quickly as possible depends on how you onboard them.

It is essential to be aware of the 90-day dip, which affects all new recruits. Once in post, candidates will generally crash in motivation during the first 90 days as they discover more challenges and understand the size of the task ahead. Great Onboarding minimises this dip and quickly returns them to high productivity. 

To ensure your new hire makes the best impact faster, stays for the long term, and starts to deliver you with a return on investment, you need to refine and perfect your onboarding process. 

We help you, and your organisation improve your onboarding process by; 

  • Providing support on your pre-boarding. Ensuring your new hires feel welcome before they even step through the door.  
  • Conduct candidate experience audits of your current processes to establish opportunities and wow moments.  
  • Help you build a successful onboarding program that delivers a fast return on investment.  
  • Offer an onboarding coach to guide your new employee through the process and provide impartial support.  


Increase in employee retention by providing an optimum onboarding process


American workers have quit because they were unsatisfied with the onboarding and training process


Workers are more likely to remain at a company that offers an optimum onboarding process

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“I have come to know Peter as a reliable and trustworthy recruitment professional, who doesn't have the hit-and run mentality so many other recruiters have. I have felt at ease with interacting with, Peter takes interest in people and makes sure he takes the time by helping and facilitating both his clients and candidates to find the right match.”

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